Orestis Karnezis - Another Key Player! Check his Stats


If you have read our previous post on Ibrahimovic, by now you should have already considered him. Now lets take a look at a different player. This time it is Orestis Karnezis, another key player in Fifa 14 that you must have in your team. Look at the stats below:

Not so high stats but will be a great add on to your team.  Watch the video above for a deeper insight on this player


Ibrahimovic - Crazy Stats and a Must Have Player in Fifa 14

This is a guy that you definitely must have in your team. Just look at the stats. Would definitely be a wonderful addon you your ultimate team.  Although I must say that you don't have to worry how much to spend if you read our previous post on a fifa 14 game glitch you can exploit.

Hack and Cheats Tool 2014

Hack and Cheats for Fifa 14 iOS 2014

FIFA 14 iOS has been one of the top played soccer games or football game apps in the iOS platform.  The game features so many cool and fun things such as being able to manage and control identical top teams of your time.  And it continues to do so this 2014 even with the rise of other game competitors. I have been doing game reviews like the one from danskooutletshoes.com but there are just so many good games to write.
So what makes FIFA 14 a very good game?

Well, the makers have made sure it the best graphics interface and gameplay.  Not only that, controlling your players is very much easy, thanks to the brilliant sensory hand motion so you can continue to guide your players at the tip of your hands.  Not only that, you get to play and choose the best teams and top notch players in the soccer world.

What makes even more exciting is the use of special tools or modded files.  This are sometimes called cheats tools or hack tools.  With the use of a fifa 14 ios hack, you will get access to unlimited fifa points, all the mods unlocked and best of all, you get to have the ultimate team unlocked.  That means having a fifa 14 ios cheats tool, you will surely dominate the game leaving your friends wondering how you do it and how well you play the game.

This special fifa 14 ios hack tool has not been made available in the public simply because the makers will quickly patch it rendering it useless to us gamers.  This has been kept away so only a few players can use it to the full exploit of the game.

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